LOTS Episode 38: Ryan Lacson


Ryan Lacson is a science teacher at Galena High School in Galena, Missouri. In addition to Ryan’s work in the classroom, Ryan was a cofounder of the Missouri Biology Teachers Association and is the communications chair for the Science Teachers of Missouri. Nationally, Ryan was the Conference Committee Chair for the 2017 National Association of Biology Teachers PD Conference in St. Louis.  Ryan was recognized as the 2015 Science Teachers of Missouri HS Science Teacher of the Year & the 2017 Outstanding Biology Teacher Award winner for Missouri.  You can follow Ryan’s musings on Twitter @noscals

Show Notes:

Pick of the Week:

  • Ryan – As more and more research is done on the characteristics of successful employees, the trend that repeatedly comes up is that soft skills seem to be more of an indicator of success than content knowledge (Article)
  • AaronEvolution & the Nature of Science Institutes(ENSI) founder Larry Flammer has passed away, but his legacy continues because of his work.


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