LOTS Episode 37: Jabin Burnworth

Jabin Burnworth is a science teacher Manchester Junior Senior High School in North Manchester, Indiana. He currently teaches Biology 1, Anatomy & Physiology, and AP Environmental Science. Jabin is known for extending his teaching beyond the classroom, as he regularly leads a group of AP Environmental Science students on a trip to the Florida Everglades. He has also been very involved in the North Manchester community by serving on the Public Library Strategic Planning Committee, North Manchester Tree Commission, North Manchester Community Trail Network, and as President and Board Member at Large for the Environmental Education Association of Indiana. Some of his past awards include, the 1999 Indiana Association of Biology Teachers “Creative Teacher of the Year” award and the Manchester Community Schools 2016-17 Outstanding Teacher.

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Jabin – windy.com

Aaron – National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science case “Decoding the Flu


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