LOTS Episode 32: Kevin English

Kevin English is a science teacher at Perrysburg High School in Perrysburg, Ohio.  Kevin teacher AP Biology, serves as the chair of the high school Science Department and is advisor to the Student Council. In 2009, he was named the Northwest Ohio Environmental Educator of the year for his work in bringing a native wetlands ecosystem to his high school campus.  Outside of Perrysburg, Kevin is the National Association of Biology Teachers Region III Coordinator.  You can follow Kevin’s musings about teaching and baseball on twitter @KevinMEnglish25.


Show Notes


Pick of the Week:

Kevin – An Article that focuses on the algae problem in Lake Erie and in the Maumee River.  The extended summer (still in the 90’s here) has only helped the algae to spread.  Most of it is due to runoff from local farms.

Aaron – You can now support the podcast by monthly donations to the Life of the School Patreon.  I also encourage people to support the Patreons of Jon Darkow and David Knuffke

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