LOTS Episode 30: Jon Darkow


Jon Darkow is a Biology teacher and Technology Integration Specialist at Seneca East High School in Attica, Ohio. Jon’s main teaching interests include problem-based learning and using computer models to teach the complex topics of diversity, interdependence, adaptive systems, set points, and emergence.  Jon is well known for the collections of computational models for biology and ecology. This collection includes more than models on topics such as a Lactase Enzyme Simulation, Gene Linkage and Recombination, and Evolution of Populations:Genetic Drift, Natural Selection and Mutations. In 2016 Jon received both the Heidelberg University Distinguished Teacher Award and the NABT Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for the state of Ohio.  You can follow Jon’s on Twitter @JonDarkow.

Show Notes:

Pick of the Week:

Jon – Journal Search for misconceptions

Misconceptions on emergent processes

Diagnosing Students’ Understanding of Energy and Its Related Concepts in Biological Context

How Students Think about Experimental Design

Aaron – Here’s every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime.

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