LOTS Episode 26: NABT/BSCS Regional Teacher Academy Round Table

On most episodes of Life of the School I like to sit down with a fellow life science teacher and find out how they became a teacher, what they are currently working on and their hopes for the future.  But for this episode, I am in Florida at the NABT/BSCS AP Biology Teacher Academy which gives me a great chance to catch up with 2 past guests on the podcast who are facilitating the Teacher Academy as well as a guest who will be interviewed during the 2017-2018 school year.  Returning to the podcast are Robin Bulleri from Episode 10, and Chi Klein from Episode 14.  Our member of the panel who will be on a future episode is Valerie May. The other facilitators in the room for the recording were Caitlin Ullock, Lesley Kirkley, and  Phyllis Robinson

Show Notes:

Shout-out to Bob Kuhn & David Knuffke for their public process

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