LOTS Episode 17: Bob Kuhn

Bob Kuhn is a science teacher at Centennial High School in Roswell, GA.  He has taught biology and AP Biology for more than 14 years.  Bob is widely recognized as a leader in the AP Biology Community.  He serves as the moderator of the College Boards AP Biology Teacher’s Community.  Bob was the 2016 the recipient of the Kim Foglia AP Biology Service Award.  Bob is a frequent presenter at both state and national teaching conferences.  He has helped develop and present many resources for HHMI BioInteractive, including the Data Points resources. He also contributed to the Unity & Diversity writing project with his essay “Being Open-Minded with a Skeptical Filter”  You may also recognize his voice as an contributor and guest host on the Horizontal Transfer Podcast.  You can follow his musings about biology teaching and life in general on twitter @APBIORoswell.

Show Notes:

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