LOTS Episode 12: Dave Mangus

Dave Mangus is a biotechnology teacher at Brockton High School in Brockton Massachusetts.  This year Dave was named The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year and presented with the The Ron Mardigian Biotechnology Teaching Award from the National Association of Biology Teachers.  Dave earned these honors in part because he has created and leds a four-year non-vocational biotechnology pathway based on his background as research scientist and his educational experiences at Ohio Wesleyan University, Indiana University and UMass Medical School in Worcester. This program utilizes advanced technology in order to help students better understand principles in biochemistry, molecular biology, and molecular genetics.  In their first two years, students explore fundamental biological concepts using an engineering perspective. Third year students explore chemistry with forensics as the focus. Seniors complete an original capstone research project.  In addition to the biotechnology program, Dave advises two BioBuilder Club teams, an afterschool program based at MIT that introduces students to the field of synthetic biology.  You can follow Dave and the happenings of the Brockton High School Biotechnology program on twitter @boxerbiotech.

Show Notes:

Pick of the Week: (Share a resource or news story that has grabbed your attention recently)

Dave – Why you don’t have much Neanderthal DNA in your genome

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