LOTS Episode 10: Robin Bulleri

Robin is a Biology teacher at Carrboro High School, Carrboro, NC. Throughout her career, Robin has taught a variety of science courses including AP Biology, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Environmental Science.  In addition to teaching, Robin has been an advisor to an NABT BioClub and has also coached soccer. Robin has been heavily engaged in professional development for science teachers including achieving National Board Certification, presenting at state and national conferences, such as NCSTA, NSTA, and NABT. She is a Teacher Ambassador for HHMI BioInteractive,  developed a TedED Lesson about Henrietta Lacks, and lead workshops on teaching evolution as a Kenan Fellow. She is also involved in the AP Biology Leadership Academy, where she writes professional development curriculum, and will lead a summer workshop on content and leadership for biology teachers in the Southeast. Robin earned both a Master of Education in Policy, Planning, and Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Science Education, from Boston University.

Show Notes:

Pick of the Week: (Share a resource or news story that has grabbed your attention recently)

Robin: Update the Nobel Prize Article.  The also recently discussed this on SciFri.

Aaron: Hurray for Yeast and Basic Research!  The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi for his groundbreaking work on autophagy in yeast.

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