Life of the School Episode 20: Orla Berry

Life of the School Episode 20: Orla Berry
Orla is a Science Teacher & Content Specialist at Medfield High School in Medfield Massachusetts.  Over her more than 2 decades as a teacher, Orla has taught AP Biology as well as all levels of first year biology, first year chemistry as well as Anatomy and Physiology.  She has also been advisor to her school’s Science Olympiad team.  Outside of the classroom Orla has served as an integral part of the Massachusetts Association of Biology Teachers, currently serving as the organization’s secretary. Orla earned her B.S. – National University of Ireland Galway M.Ed – UMass Boston

Show Notes

If you attend a BioBuilder Workshops you may meet people like Orla or Aaron

How to use Twitter as a Biology Teacher

This is a Chalkboard

We agree kids need to be doing science (Teach science as a process)

Point of the Redesign of AP Biology

What is Engineering?

Being uncomfortable helps you learn, even if it is uncomfortable.

What is SEI Endorsement?

Massachusetts teachers (and people in general) are sometimes stuck in their ways.

Global Awareness in Education

Being a Life Long Learner is fun

The new Massachusetts STE Frameworks are NGSS light (no CCC), but a step forward.

NGSS Performance Expectations are a new way to communicate learning objectives

Transpiration Labs: Whole plant vs Single leaf (lets never speak of potometers again).

The end of lecture is coming… are you ready?

All Things POGIL: Workshops, POGIL for Biology, POGIL for AP Biology

Pick of the Week:

Orla: Gamifying your PD, Schools Catching up that learning has always been personalized and individualized & the TED talk – why should we believe science?

Aaron: Ideas for Citizen Science Project: Students Discover Including: A Diversity of Guts, Belly Button Biodiversity,  & Invisible Pathogens

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